This is Hank and his family from South Carolina.
Dagwood is a son of Savannah and Dundee. He lives with Tom and Nada Anthony in Gainesville, GA.  The picture o n the right is Dagwood as a puppy and the one below is from January 2010.
Jaxson seems to be enjoying West Palm Beach, Florida.  He is a son of Dundee and Skye. He lives with the Johnson family
Hogan lives with Paul and Judith  Vaughn. Hogan is a son of Fanci and Dundee. He is training to be a service dog for Paul. He loves to walk on the treadmill with Judith and he enjoys having his mother Fanci live with him as she has retired.
George and Sam are sons of Dundee and Skye. They are therapy dogs.
This is Indi. She is a daughter of Breagh and Smucker. She lives in Indiana.
This is Jackson. He lives in Athens Georgia
Snowbelle is a daughter of Breagh and Dundee. She lives in Shelby, North Carolina with the Smoltz family.
See Snowbelle at
Max is a Dundee and Skye boy. He is a therapy dog as well. He lives in Duluth, Georgia with the Scowden family. Ginger also lives with the Scowdens.  She is a Fanci/Dundee daughter
Rascal lives in Social Circle, GA with the Chandler family.
Riley Jack lives with the Foster family. He is a son of Misty and Dundee
Tucker and Tegan live with the Smith family. They are out of the Maggie and Smucker GOLDEN DOZEN.
Sydney is a son of Breagh and Dundee.
Pickles lives with Tim and Ally Shannon.  He is a son of Allie and Dundee
Lola lives with the Merkle family. She is a daughter of Skye and Dundee.
Oscar is a son of Fanci and he lives with the Walker family
Max and Angela
Montee is a son of Nattie and Smucker.  He lives with the Torres family
Logan is a son of Mocha and Smucker.  He lives with the Anne and Kimberly
Fancy is out of Savannah and Dundee. She is just what her name says a FANCY girl!!! She lives with the Barstow family
Skeeter McFuzzbucket lives in Augusta with the Kinzel family
Goldens at Four Oaks