Paws Awhile Inn - dog boarding
Thank you for your interest in Paws Awhile Inn to board your pet.

We are a country boarding facility, located just outside of Atlanta where your pet can relax and just be a pet.

Paws Awhile Inn was started a little over 10 years ago, as a service to our customers who purchased our Golden Retrievers.  We decided to expand our breeding kennel to include boarding because so many of our Golden Retriever customers wanted to bring their new family member back to us when they were going to be away. 

We are located in Northeast Georgia and guests are always welcome but since we are a working farm, you do need an appointment, please call 
Dawn Hensley at 
1-706-201-1269 or email at [email protected].
  • We take pride in our rustic facilities. We have been blessed with an abundance of space.

  • Kennel runs measure 12x12 on the inside joined with a 12x20 on the outside. 

  • Each kennel run is extremely secure. The inside has a partial wall to discourage fence disagreements and each outside run has a completly covered top.

  • We bed with Hay and Cedar Shavings.

  • All Kennel runs are equipted with individual automatic water drinkers and a personal feed bucket.
You are WELCOME to bring any special belongings with you such as blankets, toys, crates, etc.. Just know that they may be lost or get dirty!

You must bring enough food for your dog, to last through his or her stay.  This is for your dog's benefit.  Changing a dog's diet is very stressful on the animal.
We require an up to date shot record for each pet.  This includes, kennel cough.
Each pet must be on an ongoing flea & tick prevention treatment before he or she can be admitted.
Paws Awhile House Rules
$16.00 per day
Ask about our discount rates.
For reservations please call Dawn Hensley at 1-706-201-1269or email at [email protected]