We are a small working farm based kennel.  We raise beautiful healthy golden retrievers, cattle and grandchildren. All of our dogs are allowed to be simply DOGS. They love to be outside romping and playing to their heart's content. Then they love to come inside and watch TV with us.  Below, is Nattie and Kenzie.   Almost all of our goldens are related to Nattie.

Our Goldens are the Classic American Retrievers with a hint of European influence for our clients who like the broader heads and lighter color.
Nattie helps Kenzie cut grass
Nattie standing guard at her post near the entrance of the house
Cassie was our antique Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  She passed away on May 31, 2010.  Cassie spent 15 years on our farm.  She spent her last day doing what she had always done and loved doing...greeting visitors.  She will be missed always. 
Nattie drives the gator. She really enjoys retirement!!!
Smucker enjoys a dip in the turtle pool.  Smucker was our American sire
Only Nattie would allow us to put a hat on her head and take a picture!
Nicholas world's Greatest Human Chew Toy!!!

Goldens at Four Oaks
Here at Four Oaks we actually make our living  farming.  For many years we have raised dairy replacement heifers and sold them all across the southeast! We mostly had Holsteins, but occasionally we would have Jerseys, Brown Swiss and Crossbreeds available. Now a days we have turned the carrleend of the farm over to our friend Stanley Brown who is renting the pastres.  We have the best of both wrlds.  We get to enjoy the cows and everyone gets to see them whe they visit but we are no longer responsible fo their care. We will be including some pictures of our new farm residents later.
Nattie and her granddaughter Lulu. Lulu is a little girl out of a Savannah litter. She was very tiny  physically but had a huge personality, and in a litter of 11 puppies she started out with all the odds against her,but as you can see she has grown like a bad weed has placed her paws very much on everyone's heart here at Four Oaks. Grandma has taken over her upbringing so we think we have another Nattie coming on!!! 

Bella, Serena,Lexie and Jace
Emily, our Anatolian Shepherd guard dog
All of our "Critters enjoyed the snow.but just between us, I hope its all of the white stuff we have this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nattie and her buddy Skipper, our Golden Retiever wanna be, taking a little rest break together.  Its a hard job watching after the whole farm and Nannie!!
If they were to put the words"Golden Retriever" in the dictionary then they could use our Nattie's picture beside it to show what they are supposed to be.  She is an absolutely perfect example of her breed in looks, temperament, size and intelligence! (Of course I guess it could be said that we are just a little bit prejudiced).
All celebrities have to have "shades" don't they??
Our sweet Abbie passed away on July 22nd 2011. She was a beautiful gentle spirit and we will miss her always.
Four Oaks Kelsie's Abigail
This is Merlin. He is one of Abbie's babies that we raised on a bottle when she died.  As you can see he has turned out very well in spite of his harsh entrance into the world.  He belongs to my daughter Dawn .
AllieBear was run down by a drunk driver in the yard of her wonderful retirement family. She was much loved by them and by us.
The Cows and Horses at Four Oaks 
Heifers grazing in the meadow
Nicholas delivering breakfast
Breakfast is served to these younger heifers
Older heifers enjoying a cool drink of water
These little girls think that they have been forgotten
Katie and Lilly belong to my granddaughter Kelsie!
Smucker is now enjoying his retirement in Maryland
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